Lost Echoes (Album release), Veradas, We are Parasols – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Thursday, December 29
Doors: 8pm

Post-punk / Shoegaze band Lost Echoes celebrate the release of their new album Stars with a show at Holocene!

‘’Steady pounding drum beats drive dire, distorted, restless textures laced with dense buzzing basslines, to weave excruciating, glistening and pain-filled guitar strains, echoing desolately over angsty longings, hanging in a dreary balance between a desperate stumbling wasteland and surreal lost time.’’ -WhiteLight/WhiteHeat

“Sonically lush and gorgeously produced.” – Brian Way, Host of The Spacerock Continuum podcast spacerockcontinuum.blogspot.com

“Stars crosses multiple genres, heavy on reverb and noise which makes it sure to be another winner!”-Richard Gehring, DKFM