Old Time Relijun, Descending Pharaohs – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Thursday, February 17
Doors: 8pm

PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of our customers, we will be requiring proof of full COVID vaccination, plus boosters for those eligible (or negative rapid COVID test), to enter the venue until further notice. More details at holocene.org/vaccine

2021 reunites Old Time Relijun with a newfound level of passionate indignation. There is no better time than this fucked up time in history to “get the band back together” and Old Time Relijun’s new LP “Musicking” finds the group back with unprecedented vigor and a life-embracing madness. There is something magical that happens when a deep seeker straps on a guitar and plays rock n roll. Old Time Relijun makes music for the revolution from a restless energy that has never settled down. This is a band that prefers its walls sweaty and smashes the shit out of every single sound you hear.

Old Time Relijun are the rarest breed of band. Insatiable, living raw, always on the margins and consistent as hell. You know what to expect and yet never have any clue what’s coming next. Old Time Relijun give sweaty, compulsively danceable performances that never fail to inflame their audience. Their songs are simple but no one else in the world could imitate them. Their albums are packed with sing-along hits, mixed with sonic experiments and inside jokes.


Descending Pharaohs is Ricardo Esway (Carla Bozulich/Evangelista, Militant Children’s Hour, Gazillions, Gamelan Sekar) on guitar; Larold Will (Brainwarmer, Les Etrangers) on drums and electronics; Theo Khoury (Tunneler, Gaza Tunnels) on bass, oud, and djoura. Half structure half improvisation, they draw influence from Arabic/Anatolian electric music, eastern improvisation, spiritual jazz, gamelan, British psych, and the louder side of 70s krautrock. Harmonia, Omar Khorshid, Mogollar, Ash Ra Tempel, Hawkwind, Sandy Bull, Savage Republic are inspirations.

Vaccine Policy

In our continued efforts to keep our community safe, and in response to the omicron variant, we have updated our COVID policy. Beginning January 6, 2022, Holocene will require customers to show proof they have received their COVID19 vaccination booster shot, if they are eligible to receive one. 

If they are eligible for the booster, but have not yet received theirs, they can instead provide a professionally-administered negative COVID test for entry, taken within 24 hours of show door time. 

If they are vaccinated but ineligible for their booster, (2nd shot of Moderna or Pfizer received less than 6 months ago, or Johnson & Johnson less than 2 months ago) then proof of that vaccination will suffice at the door.

For those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, we can allow a professionally administered negative COVID test, taken within 24 hours of show door time. However, this requires advance permission from venue staff – please contact hc@holocene.org if this applies to you.

We continue to require masks at all times indoors when not actively drinking or eating, in accordance with the state of Oregon mandate.

If you have any issues with this policy, you can request a refund up to 14 days prior to the event by reaching out to hc@holocene.org