Popular Music (ex-Parenthetical Girls) – w/ Twingle – Early Show! – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Friday, May 17
Doors: 5pm

Popular Music is proud to present Minor Works — a new album for the end of time — released October 13, 2023 via the group’s own Sanitarium Sound Services imprint. 

Written and produced by the Hollywood/Melbourne-based duo of Zac Pennington (former leader of American cult act Parenthetical Girls) and composer Prudence Rees-Lee, Minor Works marks the group’s debut collection of original material, and the first Pennington-penned release in a decade. 

An 11-part song cycle set in apocalyptic contemporary Los Angeles, the hyper-cinematic songs of Minor Works embrace Armageddon in its myriad forms: literal, personal, existential, eschatological. The album’s novelistic, semi-autobiographical narrative concerns a cast of exiles at the end of the world — a loose tapestry of doomsday cultists, missing persons, grieving mothers and other lost causes. This is the rapture without redemption; a palm-lined purgatory where “No prayers were ever answered/No untold loves confessed/No consciences forgiven/No consequences left.”

Recording across three continents, Minor Works’ ambitious productions were pieced together in sessions between Los Angeles, Melbourne, Moscow and New York — with percussion programming by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, contributions from celebrated composer Jherek Bischoff (Angel Olsen, Xiu Xiu, Neil Gaiman), plus a 17-piece Russian chamber orchestra conducted over Zoom (no, really).

Twingle, an art rock ensemble that includes songwriter Anna Sabatino (vocals, guitar, piano), Alex Radakovich (drums), Eric Sabatino (bass), Jessica Sylvia (backup vocals, percussion) and Nathan Weber (guitar, piano, synth and backup vocals), enjoys surprising listeners with their unique sound, which blends the unexpected with the familiar. “The line between traditional and untraditional is where I like to live, experiment and push in my songwriting,” Anna Sabatino says. Currently, the band is looking forward to releasing their debut album, Future Caviar.”

– Willamette Week, Best New Bands 2023

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