Swinging, Porch Kiss (album release), Songs for Snowplow Drivers – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, March 06
Doors: 8pm

SWINGING: Swinging is a slowcore, post-country band based in Portland, Oregon. Their songs piece together experiences Ash Vale (songwriter, vocals, guitar) has had since leaving the midwest four years ago. Their lyrics are conversational, rambling, and ecological. Swinging is Caleb Ballard (bass), Nick Meigs (pedal steel), Jakob Parsons (lead guitar), and Jasper Gill (drums). 

PORCH KISS: melancholic bedroom pop with lofi textures and tinges of slowcore/shoegaze. porch kiss found their way into the northwest music scene with the release of their first album ‘hindsight’ with catchy, muffled, lofi melodies sprinkled throughout.    their most recent release ‘dream of sleep’ is a drowsy, liminal introduction to LP2, out via Start Track March 1, 2024.

SONGS FOR SNOWPLOW DRIVERS: Songs For Snow Plow Drivers is a loud but tender rock and roll trio based in Portland. Known to make members of the audience cry, each song is a dynamic roller coaster with explosive highs and whispering lows.
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