Werm Hole presents: TDJ – w/ DJ Lexie b2b Plus, Mauve Decade  – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Sunday, June 11
Doors: 9pm

TDJ (Terrain de Jeux), Geneviève’s second musical endeavor, is born from her affiance to the nightlife – navigating between the raves and clubs of Montreal while transgressing to adult independence. When releasing her first album as RYAN Playground ’16/17′ in 2018, Geneviève felt the need to deepen her interest in dance music and get to grips with her need for musical diversity. Similar to how she shapes RYAN Playground’s music around early Pop/Punk childhood memories, Geneviève seeks TDJ’s inspiration from her youngest memories of Electronic dance music, expressed as a modern reinterpretation of classic Trance patterns and sonorities.

The foundation of Geneviève’s music resides in the quest of freedom. Traveling fluently from RYAN Playground’s intimacy to the uplifting fast pace bass-driven sound she makes under her new alter ego TDJ, Genevieve has reached a new milestone where she feels at peace with her diversity and competing attractions of sound expression.

with local support from:
DJ Lexie b2b Plus
Mauve Decade 

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