Holocene is re-opening at the end of summer 2021. We’re interviewing and hiring now in advance of our August powering-on, and we’d love to have you here with us.

Since we opened out doors in 2003, Holocene has been passionate about bringing into our space the full range and spectrum of music — and of Us. BIPOC and queer and trans people are strongly encouraged to get in touch about these positions.

Holocene cares about our staff and customers’ health and safety above all. We require Covid vaccination for all of us on staff, and will be requiring vaccination or recent negative Covid test for showgoers until Covid levels in Portland are at truly small+safe levels.



Please email us at hc@holocene.org — let us know which position interests you, your relevant skills/talents/experience, and something about yourself and why you’d enjoy working with us.
Thanks! We’re excited to meet you…


Current Openings:

Door + Security

Security at Holocene is focused on patient communication, diffusing occasional tense situations, and taking excellent care of our customers’ safety and peace of mind.

We’re looking for warm, outgoing people who can make guests feel welcome and set the tone for how we treat each other at Holocene — and who think quickly on their feet to handle all kinds of novel situations with grace and decisiveness.

Being able to say No firmly and respectfully is a big part of this job. Physically removing actual assholes from the premises (always as a team) is an infrequent but critical part.

Availability weekend nights is crucial, but shifts are available throughout the week. Current DPSST security certification is great, but we can help you get certified or renew if you can pass the background checks.

2-5 shifts/week. Pay starts at $17 + tips — $20 + tips with good experience. Perks include flexible scheduling, wonderful co-workers, the best customers in town, and unfettered access to a thousand great shows. A full-time position with a great heath plan is a possibility for the right candidate.


Bar Manager

Holocene is on the hunt for a creative, rock-solid bar manager to support our great staff, and help our bar-workings sparkle and hum.

This right candidate will be a star bartender in their own right, with a dedication to fostering and inspiring a wonderful crew; excellent taste and creative energy for cocktails, spirits, beer, wine, and alcohol-free drinks; and a rock-hard commitment to superb customer service.

This is a full-time position — flexible daytime hours plus your choice of bar shifts. Very solid bar skills are required, along with demonstrated ability to manage people (in a bar or elsewhere), and comfort with ordering, inventory tracking, payroll, POS programming, etc.

The position starts ASAP, in advance of our late-August re-opening. Beginning part-time and ramping up to more hours later in the summer is an option.

The job involves 2-4 prime bar shifts, plus 15-20 hours/week of flexible-schedule daytime work. scheduling…)

  • Very competitive salary, based on experience
  • Great health plan
  • Free access to a thousand great shows, and generous employee+friends discounts
  • A enjoyable, respectful, sometimes hilarious workplace with wonderful colleagues, artists, and customers


This is an amazing chance to work with our smart, kind, dedicated, and frankly delightful management team, to make Holocene an ever-shinier gem. 

Some projects and responsibilities of this bar manager position:

  • Making sure the bar stays organized and beautiful, sanitary and clean
  • Scheduling bar staff — complicated/exciting because of our quite-variable event schedule!
  • Keeping the POS (Union) updated with menu changes, and in good working order
  • Helping to create the delicious, surprising, cocktails Holocene has been know for the past 18 years
  • Curating beer, wine, and zero-proof menus — working with reps to set up tastings, identifying product backups, etc.
  • Weekly ordering of liquor, beer, wine, and bar produce and miscellany
  • Creating drinks special for the week, and for special events
  • Coordinating product sponsorships
  • Tracking and ordering supplies, and identifying better options
  • Maintaining helpful and up-to-date checklists for bar and kitchen staff (opening, side work, closing, deep cleaning)
  • Integrating ideas and feedback from all staff to be always improving Holocene’s workings
  • Tracking quality, consistency, and presentation of the food and drink we’re serving, and intervening and coaching as necessary to keep things amazing
  • Maintaining good staff practices around responsible service and customer safety and peace of mind
  • Resolving tricky guest situations, and supporting staff in the best methods for making sure customers have best experience as possible
  • Closing some nights — securing cash and valuables, powering down, alarms and locks
  • Working with the rest of management and ownership team on business strategy



Smart, quick, delightful bartender needed… Bartending at Holocene needs to be fast, consistent, charming, and unflappable. We’re seeking a shining star to join our happy few this fall, to work the full range of shows and parties and private events.

Necessary are: high-volume experience, ability to vibe with a broad range of people, grace under pressure, genuine comfort with cut-offs, and commitment to having your co-worker’s backs and helping the team cruise through the most intense shifts.

2-5 shifts per week. $14/hour plus very legit tips.



The barback is a linchpin position at Holocene — prepping and stocking to keep the bar humming through the craziest nights, bussing and washing glassware, plus a limited amount of cooking and light food prep.

This is a physical job that require superhuman attentiveness and hustle — if you don’t like moving speedily and efficiently and keeping that up for hours on busy nights, this is not the job for you.

Bar and cooking experience are very helpful, but we will absolutely train the right, quick, dedicated person.

2-4 shifts per week; starts at $16/hour plus tips.

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