Rhythm Nation Green New Deal Party (Live Stream!)

Celebrate Earth Day with a panel discussion and musical performances in support of a Green New Deal. Streaming from Holocene’s Twitch and YouTube channels!twitch.tv/holoceneportlandHolocene Portland on YouTube The Green New Deal (GND) calls for an unprecedented and equitable investment in decarbonizing the energy basis of U.S. society while transforming land management to sequester and store carbon. It’s the first popular proposal to confront climate change at the scale necessary to address it. It’s not one piece of policy, but a collection of policies on the federal and state level. While the Biden administration does not endorse an explicit “Green New Deal”, per se, the stated goals of his administration would achieve many parts of a Green New Deal. The Biden Sanders Unity Task force, which included Green New Deal co-author Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, increased the ambition of the Biden Administration’s climate goals to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035 and carbon neutrality by 2050. Pieces of a Green New Deal with these goals in mind are already making their way through congress, including the much-talked-about federal infrastructure package as well as the CLEAN Future Act. In this moment, there’s an appetite for bold change on climate justice unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. You can be a part of that change. To show you have, we’ve organized a panel of local and national Green New Deal leaders about the path forward. Following the hour-long panel, we’ll take collective action together by reaching out to our friends about this issue and enjoy live music from a few of Oregon’s best performers, streamed live from Holocene. Rhythm Nation is a podcast and event series that explores the intersection of music and activism. Follow @RhythmNationPDX on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates. —-Panelists—- Chuck Willer (@chuckwiller), Executive Director of the Coast Range AssociationOregon Just Transition AllianceDrake Hunt (@dr8kehunt), Sunrise Movement (Georgia) Peter Marks (@petermarks), Oregon Action Network —-Music—- MaarquiiMAARQUII is a high femme, multi-disciplinary artist who raps, sings, dances, and is the embodiment of the proverbial “triple threat.” Twitter @THAMAARQUII Instagram @maarquiiCee White Cee White is a Disk Jockey who has been spinning records for 30+ years, steeped in and honed by the legendary music and DJ culture of his native Chicago.Cay HoriuchiCay Horiuchi (they/them) is a trans enby Japanese DJ and artist based in Portland, OR. soundcloud.com/cay-horiuch IG: @unico_moomin_fanfiction

Small Skies – Chill’d Out DJ Set – Live Stream!

A downtempo / lounge / dub / trip-hop live stream from Small Skies, streaming live from Holocene’s Youtube and Twitch channels!Stream will happen on our YouTube and Twitch accounts starting at 8pm. Subscribe now!: Youtube: https://bit.ly/YoutubeHolocenePortland Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/holoceneportland/


This is the newly rescheduled date for this show! All previously purchased tickets will be honored.Pop singer and Dirty Hit records signee Rina Sawayama comes through Portland on her Dynasty Tour!