((( O ))) – w/ YAWA (Amenta Abioto) – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Monday, April 29
Doors: 8pm

We found a fairy who makes music in a treehouse. Whose music gear is solar-powered and serves as ‘a direct gift from the sun, an opportunity to create.’

Her art creates a bridge for the modern world to return to nature, to be swept away with her story and sounds she has collected throughout her journey. ((( O ))) is working with the cycles of our natural world, releasing audio/visual art pieces of her universe through what she calls “Moondrops” every full moon. They are later compiled into albums every year called “Sundrops.” She uses meditation to travel to her heart space, where she finds light and translates into sound. She has chosen to follow her inner guidance to complete 12 albums for the next 12 years, giving people the trust and curiosity to stay with her on her musical journey.

“R&B rhythms interacting with her elastic vocals, alongside lyrical references to following the stars.” – Crack magazine, 2019

“((( O ))) has chosen a name that’s unpronounceable on purpose. “I don’t resonate with my [given] name,” the emerging experimental R&B auteur explains, speaking over a crackly line from the Philippine jungle. “I’m super energy-based, so the best representation of who I am is without words.” “ – Crack Magazine, 2019

With local support from YAWA aka Amenta Abioto!

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