Summer 2020: the Virtual Season

Dear friends and fellow music-lovers, 

We’re empty without you… We can’t wait to be back sipping cocktails and dancing with your corporeal selves just as soon are we’re all able. Until then, we’re keeping busy, bringing you live-streamed sets of great music, fun collaborative projects, drinks-inspo, and much more to come.

Tickets are on sale now for future shows, including shows rescheduled from this spring. (If you need a refund for any cancelled show or any rescheduled show you can longer make, that’s available at point of purchase.)

We’re streaming live to your cozy home — most Friday and Saturday nights, but keep a lookout for other specials streams popping up. (A great way to do that is to subscribe to our channels, and turn notifications on.)

Holocene on Twitch
Holocene on YouTube

Check out our first lockdown release, Constellate PDX, Vol. 1, and more releases to come on our Bandcamp page.

And we’ve launched a membership program on Patreon to make all of this possible and sustainable. Your $5 a month will make a real difference in keeping the music alive over the next months. If you have a bit more to spare, we have some very nice members’ perks and rewards for you to enjoy — both now and once the doors are back open.

Certainly do follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates and surprises of all kinds!

Can wait to be with you again soon at Holocene proper — but we’re happy to be with you in digital space until then…

Be well and be safe,

xo Holocene

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