SCHAUS (album release show!) w/ YAWA (Amenta Abioto) + Ghost Piss – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, September 27
Doors: 8pm
Schaus began nearly a decade ago in the Pacific Northwest. They are joined by Chris Hermsen and Hasan Mahmood live to bridge the gap between feeling and reality. Their angular pop music routinely coincides with unique visual pieces ranging from various animation styles to 3d. The live set is the synthesis of the uncanny valley, an episode of Tim & Eric, and a heartfelt karaoke song for a lover at night’s end.
Their music is characterized by its dreamy atmospheres, lush soundscapes, and introspective lyrics. They have released a number of singles and EPs, and will be releasing their third album, Lovers Loop, on September 26th.

YAWA (aka Amenta Abioto): Amenta Abioto is a singer, songwriter, producer, performance artist from Memphis, TN. In her one-woman show, she builds vocal and instrumental loops from kalimba, synthesizer, drum machine, and guitar creating atmospheric textures. Weaved into syncopated rhythms and dichotomies of comedic proportions, Amenta surprises and tantalizes audiences with mind bending ideas while skipping musically from soul-shaking gospel to smooth jazz. Boldly mystical and soul-fired, her raw live performances invoke elements of both theatrical surprise and magic through ancient African diasporic sounds and stories. Amenta studied drama and was familiarized with the stage. Her solo project made debut in at house show in Spring of 2012. Since then, Amenta has released three projects and toured with The Blow, Secret Drum Band, Typhoon, and The Ghost Ease. 

GHOST PISS is a diy music producer and singer song writer new to Portland via Brooklyn, here to remind you that emotions are beautiful, pink is punk, and life is fun. Torn between pop and experimental worlds, I only feel right when I incorporate elements of both. When not playing music, I work as a botanist and resource advisor on wild fires in the Oregon woods.

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