Dolphin Midwives – Crying Sanctuary and Album Release – 21+

21 and up
Sunday, August 22
Doors: | 8pm // Show: | 8:30pm
PLEASE NOTE: The safety of our customers is our number one priority. Please read our COVID policy HERE.

Dolphin Midwives is known for curating immersive events that blur music, art, community + ritual. To celebrate the release of Body of Water, she is collaborating with musicians, sound artists, a butoh dancer, and a video/projection artist to bring you a crying sanctuary.  It will be a place of surrender, catharsis, relief, vulnerability, joy and sorrow through projected immersive video, quadrophonic audio, experimental performance, movement, and sounds to connect you with the deep places in yourself.  Come as you are, leave recharged and refreshed.

Dolphin Midwives is the music project of composer, performer + sound artist, Sage Elaine Fisher. Her performance abstracts voice, harp + percussion using electronics, extended techniques + ritual processes. She explores themes of empathy, sustainability, vulnerability + transformation through social experiment, psychoacoustics + magic. The artist has been seen in The New York Times, SPIN, + The Guardian, among other publications. Body of Water was recorded in May 2020 + released July 9, 2021 on Beacon Sound.

Crystal Cortez is a sound, installation artist & creative technologist based out of Portland Oregon. Her work focuses on the empowerment of underserved populations gaining access + knowledge around technology. Under her performance moniker Crystal Quartez, she transforms field recordings, uses synthesis, audio programming, data sonification, + 3D sound spatialization to produce sonic realms for reflection + release. Her practice involves development of interactive sculptural interfaces + wearable technology that monitor movement + other corporeal methods to liberate the performer from their interfaces. Her art has been shown at NIME, PNCA, Disjecta, PICA, Navel (LA) + more.

Min Jung Yoon translates to “Citizen Truth”. They are a ritual performance artist, + researcher of collective choreography + conflict resolution using the body. Their expressive works create worlds for heightened relational emotionality, permission for depth, + challenge of social norms + concepts toward new images + gestures of truth needed for our times. They are dedicated to exploring ways to uncover the deeper, more intuitive nature in how we relate to our beings within extremes of social constructs and divides, through butoh dance, experimental art + philosophy, + all that may arise from this uncovering toward the whole.

Hasmood is a 3D animator, creative conceptor + visual artist. He earned a B.S. in Film from Portland State University + is a self-taught 3D animator/ designer. Hasan has produced a wide variety of visual and experimental art through his use of CNC machines, 3D printers, laser etching machines, 3D scanners, lighting + projection mapping. By blending technology and art, he aims to explore our sense of reality + create new worlds. His current mission is to utilize light + sound in a way that challenges viewers to practice awareness + connect with the present moment.

Nailah Hunter is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Los Angeles. She combines harp, synth, found sounds, + voice to create reflective sonic landscapes that promote healing + self-awareness for herself + the listener. Her ambient music conjures unique sonic locations forged by imagination, drawing listeners into a tranquil world of rest, contemplation + color.