Visible Cloaks, (arsonist), DJ set by The Garbage Man – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Thursday, October 27
Doors: 8pm
 PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of our customers, we will be requiring proof of full COVID vaccination (or negative rapid COVID test), to enter the venue until further notice. More details at

Visible Cloaks is Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile, two musicians based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States working in the space between composition and sound design, arrangement and environment, place and non-place. Their music has taken many forms: site-specific multi-channel pieces, live A/V performances, compositions for aleatoric chamber ensembles, albums, EPs, film scores, VGM composing, corporate sound design, collaborations with musicians like Miyako Koda, Motion Graphics, Seungmin Cha, Yoshio Ojima and Satsuki Shibano, and music for installations by artists like Brenna Murphy, Mike Tyka and Nile Koetting. Both live and in the studio, their work focuses on the artifice of digital representation, utopian flashes seen in cultural exchange, the cartography of virtual worlds and the extension of abandoned vectors of futurism into the present.

{arsonist} is the solo project of Portland based composer and producer Danielle Rager. Collaging raucous, algorithmically sequenced electronics, manipulated vocals, and her mother-tongue of lush orchestral arrangements, {arsonist} kindles a unique symphonic form of computer music that The Wire magazine praised as “digital soundscapes that step into the fantastical”. Her live sets bridge multiple A/V frameworks including the live-coding musical language TidalCycles, Ableton Live, and reactive visual platforms OpenFrameworks and GLSL. {arsonist} released her acclaimed full-length debut Reality Structure on Unifactor Tapes in 2020, which explored the mystique common to the symbolic languages of dreams and mathematics. More recent tracks have been featured in collections from Renraku, Genot Centre, and PC Music.

The Garbage Man is the DJ alias of Liz Harris (Grouper).